Hotel Palms


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Tucked into idyllic Atlantic Beach, Florida and three blocks from the ocean, Hotel Palms is a modern, beachside motor court hotel. Hotel Palms is a boutique hotel within walking distance to the shops and restaurants of Beaches Town Center, a beachside community in the heart of Atlantic and Neptune Beach.

A short drive to Jacksonville Beach, Hotel Palms is the only boutique hotel located in the Jacksonville Beach area. Ideal for intimate outdoor weddings, parties, and events, Hotel Palms is also located near the Mayport Naval Station and Mayo Clinic.

A 45 minute drive from Jacksonville’s International Airport, the boutique hotel boasts reclaimed wood headboards, palm trees, concrete floors, and uncluttered design, all of which inspire visions of beach house living. So, pack your bag but travel lightly as our rooms, amenities, and beach location are all you’ll need to feel like a local, if just for a weekend.